Director of Photography


Jens Schiweck is a freelance cinematographer from Berlin who is specialized on music videos.  He studied mediadesign and worked for serval international music artist. Creating unique videos for musicians that grab attention and increase sales is his ambition.


"Jens is a great cinematographer with a very good sense of the right framing. We did already several projects together and I always enjoy how passionate he is during preproduction and the actual shooting."

Florian Vogel - Founder of Nais Productions

"Jens is the kind of DOP you wish for as a director. He is incredibly resourceful & reliable, energetic in all phases of production. Knowing I had someone this diligent and versatile on my project helped relieve a lot off stress & made filming a lot of fun!" Alina Podschun - Director

"We were shooting a music video together with Jens and he was always focused and reliable. He knows, what he´s doing with the camera." Paul Welke - Musician

"Wir haben zusammen mit Jens eine Reihe von Social Media Videos und einen TV-Werbespot gedreht und waren durchweg zufrieden mit seiner Arbeit. Er war stets pünktlich und professionell am Set und hat mit guten Einfällen die Dreharbeiten bereichert. Jens' Erfahrungen und Leidenschaft für Kamera merkt man ihm an, weshalb wir mit Jens auch in Zukunft weiterhin zusammen arbeiten werden. Guter Job mit einem schönem Endresultat"- Martin Herrmann Gründer von On-Point-Production

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